Definitely on track

“You are definitely on track.” (Response to a review of our Come & See Vocation Promotion Program. Read full interview.)

Vocation Director

Large U.S. men's order (Aug. 17, 2017)

Candidates we found

Thank you. I have been following many of these girls with phone calls. Two of them have visited us! Thanks!!!

Sr. Jeanette Estrada

Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, about the Come & See Vocation Program, June 3, 2017

Helping the IRL

Dear Kevin, thanks for all your help during the National Meeting. (writing article for Religious Life magazine)

Anne Tschanz

Editor, at Institute on Religious Life, June 2, 2017

Likes the selection process

I really liked this way of surveying people [selecting best candidates]. Good job!

Sr. Jeanette Estrada

Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, about the Come & See Vocation Program, May 17, 2017

Finding vocation candidates

“TreeFrogClick [parent organization of Vocation Promotion] is … helping communities to find vocation candidates with their Come & See Vocation Assessment Program.”

Anne Tschanz

Editor, Institute on Religious Life's Vocation Blog, Jan. 10, 2017

New vocation candidates

“I’m happy to be able to mention also that we finally are scheduling some visitors because of your efforts. One for the Triduum retreat, one for July — and that latter one has gotten a friend to come also, so that really brings the total to three!”

Fr. James Flint, OSB

St. Procopius Abbey, about the Come & See Vocation Program, March 22, 2017

Thank you for all the work…

“Kevin, thank you for all the work you at TreeFrogClick did to update our website. We’ve received several comments on how nice it is, and we are finding the send-to-fax feature on the contact page such a blessing…. We are certainly receiving more inquiries after adding this feature.”

Men’s community

about our Come & See Quiz (Aug. 30, 2014), Poor Clares of Santa Barbara. May 2016.

50% increase

“I presently have three girls registered for that retreat, one of this thanks to our ads.”

Vocation Director

about our Faceboook ad program (Sept. 9, 2014)

Mobile site is good

We know the mobile-friendly site and Facebook have helped us and we have had favorable comments on the website since, as you say, many are going mobile

Sister Sharon Elizabeth

ToledoVisitation.org (May 10, 2014)

Very good candidates

“We have received a couple more very good candidates that we are arranging visits with. Thank you again.”

Active Sisters’ community in the Midwest

about the Come & See Quiz program, July 14, 2013

Vocation ads running great!

So far the campaign looks like it is running great! … Your work is so important to us. Each one of these applicants are like golden nuggets, therefore we must continue to pursue this venue to see how we can benefit more from your efforts. Since this was so successful thus far, how much would it cost us to run a second campaign?

Men’s community vocation director

about the Come & See Quiz survey campaign, Mar. 1, 2013

Absolutely exquisite

This is absolutely exquisite and superb! Just what I wanted, and what I think we need to introduce the Museum…. It reads very well; beautifully written script!

Sr. Susan Marie

Second Federation of the Visitation, about a video, “Sacred Silk,” on the Visitation Museum (Aug. 30, 2012)

Mother provincial pleased

“Kevin, thanks a lot!!! The video is excellent. I showed it to mother provincial and she was very pleased. May God continue blessing you…. Again, thanks a lot.”

Sr. Jeanette Marie

Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, about video: “The Joy of Being a Mercedarian Sister” (June 18, 2012)

Deeply grateful

“We are deeply grateful for what you are doing for the Church! May Our Lord continue to bless you!”

Sr. Mary John

Lafayette Carmelites, about website updates (Apr. 14, 2012)

Good concept

“Excellent. I am really happy with how this turned out. I think we can do a lot with this concept. Our connection to radical Isalm opens the door for us to get the word out. Great work.”

Fr. Joseph Eddy

Vocation Director, Order of Mercy, about an article written for EzineArticles (Mar. 29, 2011)

Facebook training a plus

“Kevin, thank you for all the help you gave me in the use of Facebook. I particularly appreciate learning how to form groups and how to open a “Note” page, allowing me to actually do some teaching about vocation discernment.  I certainly will reach out to inquirers and ask if they are on Facebook and invite them to be part of the ‘Discernment Group.’”

Sister Dorothy Ann

Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother (Jan. 14, 2011)

Renewed website is favored

“One of our friends visited our renewed website and commented so favorably on the new pictures and arrangement.”

A Poor Clare mother superior

(Dec. 11, 2010)

Simple, clean, smart

“This is very good — simple, clean, smart-looking and the message is CLEAR.  Good work!”

Sr. Anne Fiore

Georgetown Monastery Vhmseconfederation.org (6-29-09)

Happy with website

“We are happy about the way this website is developing and thank you for your patience.”

Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

Lacon, Ill., Laconfranciscans.org

Gift with advertising

Over the years, Kevin Banet has done a lot of research and can build a site that is attractive, functional, and geared toward bringing in new customers for businesses. I have always been impressed most with his creativity…. In my opinion, Kevin is an excellent writer and has a natural gift with advertising.

Fr. Joseph Eddy, O. de M.

Order of Mercy (May 10, 2014)

Tracks down Catholic men

“I don’t know anything about Facebook and do not subscribe to it. However, I have been hearing some very good feed back from men who saw your ad [Come & See Quiz ad program] on their page. Apparently, it tracks down men who visit Catholic sites. This type of targeted marketing can be extremely beneficial to our community.”

Men’s community vocation director

Come & See Quiz program, Apr. 4, 2013

Innovative ways

“It is exciting to see the interest in vocations that Kevin is able to generate through social media. We are grateful for all of the innovative ways he promotes vocations at St. Procopius Abbey.

“Thank you again Kevin!”

Jeanine Jelinek

St. Procopius Abbey, about the Come & See Vocation Program, April 20, 2017

Website page with slide show and collage

“The page looks good, Kevin. God bless you and your team for all your work, patience and flexibility!”

Sr. Sharon Elizabeth

Toledo Visitation, Sr. Léonie page. Aug. 30, 2016

Cancelled other promotions

“We had 3 men call us to visit the community who completed the quiz. We currently have one of them visiting us now. So to answer your question, let’s keep this going! I have cancelled all other promotions so that all of our resources are being spent on your campaigns.”

Men’s community

about our Come & See Quiz (Aug. 30, 2014)

New candidates through Come & See Quiz

“We have several in California that we’re keeping touch with, and several in the Midwest.”

Sr. Catherine

Servants of Mary vocation director, Kansas City, upon completion of initial Come & See Quiz program (Sept. 9, 2013)

A young man who responded

“Actually I have a young man here [this weekend] who came to us through it.”

Men’s order in the East

about the Come & See Quiz program (July 13, 2013)

Format very appealing

You did an excellent job. God reward you abundantly! I find the format very appealing and the pictures you added plus the ones I sent, with the captions from the article, are well chosen. Thank you so much.

Sister Mary John

Lafayette, LA Carmelites, about the Retreat Slide show (Dec. 28, 2012)

Pleased with ads

I’m really pleased with all the visits our “Cloistered Life” ad is generating.

Mother Aimee Marie

Poor Clares of Santa Barbara, CloisteredLife.com (Aug. 9, 2012)

A great job promoting vocations

“I ‘liked’ your [Holy Vocations] Facebook page! You’re doing a great job at promoting vocations. Thank you for all you do for this important ministry! May God’s grace overflow for you and your ministries!”

Sr. Mary Michael Huseman, OSF

Panhandle Franciscans (May 19, 2012)

Extremely helpful

“Thanks a million for your blog tutorial.  It was EXTREMELY helpful and you are an excellent teacher. I am now in the swing of things…”

about phone instruction for VocationBlog.com (Feb. 1, 2012)

Anne Tschanz

Institute on Religious Life

A real gift

“This is really excellent. You have a real gift for all this!”

Sr. Susan Marie

VisitationSpirit.org about text written for website (Mar. 18, 2011)

Georgetown Visitation Video

“Mr. Banet has a great eye for graphic design and a deep faith that allow him to capture the essence of a religious community and represent it effectively in a variety of different media. Great design, stellar ideas and clean, crisp (and clever) presentation.”

Sr. Anne Fiore

Georgetown Monastery Video homily sponsorship (6-19-2010)

Accurate video production

“We were extremely pleased with the short video produced by TreeFrogClick.com. Our charism and spirit is communicated accurately and beautifully in this short video — without boring the viewer. As one of our friars is fond of saying, it was “short, sweet, and to the point.” We have received positive feedback from friars, laity, and potential vocations. Great job, Kevin!

Fr. Matthew H. Phelan, O. de M.

Superior, Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy, about video “Why A Mercedarian?” on YouTube (Mar. 10, 2010)

A pleasure

“Thanks so much for helping us get CloisteredLife.com updated and expanded. It is a pleasure to work on such projects with you.”

Mike Wick

Institute on Religious Life (12-19-08)

Initial hesitation

“We had some slight hesitations about the photos we sent, but your excellent cropping and special effects have made them all that we could have desired.”

Poor Clares

St. Louis

Everyone is pleased

We saw the new site, Kevin, and everyone is pleased. God bless you and Mike for all your work!

Sister Sharon Elizabeth and all the Sisters

ToledoVisitation.org (Jan. 16, 2014)

Highly professional

“I highly recommend Mr. Kevin Banet of TreeFrog Click as a webmaster in launching a new website. Highly professional, cooperative and collaborative he and his company put together our first independent website as a monastic community. Responses that have come in so far from viewers find it easy to navigate, clear and concise. He also helps promote the new website in a variety of venues and thus this initial marketing need is met promptly as well.”

Sr. Susan Marie

Visitation Monastery BrooklynVisitationMonastery.org (11-25-09)

Incredible blessing

“The help and support we received from TreeFrogClick was an incredible blessing and inspiration to our community and together we look for a renewal of religious life and a growing in holiness by reclaiming cyberspace through Jesus and Mary. Ad Jesum per Miriam!”

Sr. Isaac

Missionary Sisters of St. Benedict, Oak Forest, Ill. Missionarysisosb.org (11/19/08)

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