Improving your online presence

Face it — the internet is how young people today are making a connection with the outside world. Nearly every Catholic organization has a website and a Facebook page. When someone graduates from high school or college today, they have done their homework on laptop computers, and researched their papers on the internet. Among these are good Catholics searching the web to find their God-given vocation.

We will usher your religious community into the world wide web with the use of internet promotion. We will enable you to take advantage of  Vatican II’s call for “the modern means of communication.” Pope Benedict has called on the Church to use the internet as well.

Check out our Vocation Promotion Program, or our Come & See Vocation Assessment Quiz, both of which have been developed through years of experience to gain a steady stream of religious candidates.

How and Why of Websites

Pope John Paul II has encouraged Catholics to use the internet to spread the Gospel, and Church experts have urged the use of the net. (See our page on Papal/Church statements). Religious communities use a website as the word’s window to their own life and calling. They are also using email, and e-newsletters to communicate with friends and aspirants.

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