Who are we?

Sensing a need for religious communities to find good vocations, Vocation Promotion began building websites in 2003 for various communities in the United States. Then, we realized that vocation directors needed promotion efforts to find individual candidates. A vocations quiz was developed in 2013 by Kevin J. Banet, who had worked on a classroom version of Serra International’s vocations quiz during his tenure at the Institute on Religious Life.

After a year or two, we realized that vocation directors of smaller communities needed a followup program for these candidates. So a system of newsletters and a social media outreach program was developed. Today, we serve more communities every year with this service. The Come & See Vocation Promotion Program is always being enhanced and improved.

In the business world, our work is known as lead generation. We find names of qualified candidates. Thus, over the years, we have adapted our skills and systems to include finding and developing memberships for nonprofit organizations.

What makes us stand out?

While other vocation services provide names of candidates drawn from a shared database, Vocation Promotion finds people whose names are yours – they are not given to any other community. We also follow up and develop these candidates.

We at Vocation Promotion are motivated by Vatican II’s encouragement to use the “modern means of communications” to promote the Gospel. Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican have repeatedly encouraged the Church to use the internet in the Church’s mission. That is what we are all about, as applied to vocations. Read our happy clients’ testimonials.

Kevin J. Banet

Kevin J. Banet

Kevin J. Banet

Vocation Promotion is a project of TreeFrogClick, Inc. Kevin Banet is its founder and president. Kevin has worked for more than 25 years in the Catholic apostolate, in the fields of natural family planning, Catholic publishing, pro-life work, and vocations work. He has worked for the Couple to Couple League (natural family planning) as public information director, and for the Institute on Religious Life. He has served for years in pro-life sidewalk counseling work. He also lived for six years as a Third Order Dominican at the St. Martin de Porres Lay Dominican Community in New Hope, KY.

Kevin has worked for the Chicago Sun-Times, and has studied journalism at Northwestern University. His company’s consulting work includes serving such organizations as the Archdiocese of Chicago, the Institute on Religious Life, and Serra International. His articles have appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer, American Wheelman, Liguorian, and on the online Ezine magazine. Take a look at his portfolio on this website.

Kevin has a keen eye for not only the ability to promote a community’s charism on the internet, but also has a first-hand knowledge of everyday life in a Catholic community. Thus he is well suited to help promote the vocations of such communities.


Our apostolate is placed under the patronage of Pope St. John Paul II, “Patron of Millennial Vocations.”

A Prayer for Vocations by St. John Paul II

Lord Jesus, as once you called the first disciples and made them fishers of men, continue to let resound today Your sweet invitation: “Come and follow me.”

Grant to men and women in our day the grace and trust to respond to Your voice.

Sustain our bishops, priests and consecrated souls in their apostolic work.

Give perseverance to our seminarians and to all those living a life of total consecration to Your service.

Enkindle in our communities a missionary zeal.

Send, Lord, workers into Your fields to feed and guide Your flock as Good Shepherds in imitation of You.

Mary, Mother of the Church, Model of Vocations, help us to say “Yes” to the Lord who calls each one of us to play our part in His plan of salvation. Amen.

Vocation Promotion is a project of TreeFrogClick, Inc., a Chicago-area web promotion company headed by Kevin. If you have a question or comment, email Kevin Banet.

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