We offer our program in modules, which you can mix and match. In other words, choose whatever modules below that you need.

Module I: Facebook Ads & Quiz

(Plan A) $350 per month* or (Plan B) $650 per month*

  • Facebook ad cost of $100 (Plan A) or $300 (Plan B)
  • New ads made on a regular basis
  • Customized vocations quiz, with photos
  • Qualified candidates identified by us, according to your specifications
  • You can see candidate names and quiz answers
  • Your ad will be sent to our proprietary list of up to 2 million (mostly practicing Catholics) Facebook fans
  • Goal is 20-60 new names per month (women), or 10-30 names per month (men)

The ads bring in your candidates, who take the vocations quiz. This is the first step of your promotion “funnel.” Right away you will be able to see the best candidates from the quiz results.

*A one-time fee of $200 is required to set up ads and the customized quiz. If you also choose the Newsletter & Retreat Campaign, we will set up both for $300.

Module II: Newsletters & Retreat Promo

$700 per month*

  • Design an attractive, customized newsletter template and import any names you provide
  • Write two customized newsletters per month
  • Welcome newsletter is automatically sent within ten minutes of signup.
  • Includes retreat campaign, retreat signup page and list maintenance
  • Best subscribers identified and names made available to you
  • You can enter notes for each candidate on the software and see which newsletters they open

The newsletters cultivate your candidates. Our newsletters are customized for your community – we show them your photos, and tell them about your charism and apostolate. They also learn of the joys of religious/consecrated life. You can then further qualify the candidates when you see which ones open a lot of your newsletters. We also make a solid pitch for your discernment retreats, complete with signup form and a notification system.

*A one-time fee of $200 is required to set up the Newsletters & Retreat Promo Module. If you also choose the Facebook Ads and Quiz Module, we will set up both for $300.

Module III: SMS Text & Email Followup

(Plan A) $200 or (Plan B) $350 per month

  • We send personal emails and/or SMS texts to the best candidates
  • We respond to those who ask to be contacted through newsletter surveys
  • We establish an early rapport by responding to their actions promptly
  • Contact with 10 candidates per month for Plan A; 25 for Plan B

The individual contact with text and email followup is what really pulls the candidates in. Since we respond to them early on in the promotion “funnel,” we show them of our interest. We thus build up a rapport with them, and then pass the name along to you, the vocation director, to contact them.

Module IV: Facebook Social

$300 per month

  • Three photo posts per week
  • Two personalized memes (image with quote on it) per month
  • Respond to reader’s comments and shares three times per week
  • Price is for less than 5,000 Facebook fans. (Inquire for price for more fans)

Here is where you can engage with candidates, and they can feel a sense of community as they comment and share your posts. What’s important is that a response is promptly made to the comments that visitors make on posts. Thus, they feel appreciated since they know their comments are being read. Some of these visitors will be young women or men who are possible vocations. We also set up an event for your discernment retreat on the page, and invite people to apply for it.

Thus, you may combine any of the modules you wish. For example, let’s say that you are good with Facebook social media. Then you would sign up for only Modules I, II, and III. At the “B” levels here, you would pay $1,700 per month.

When all the modules are combined, they work in a synergetic way. For example, let’s say that we see that a young woman has made an enthusiastic comment on Facebook. If you’ve signed up for all four modules, we look up the way she has responded on the vocations quiz, and find that she is a good candidate. Then we send her a text asking whether she’d like to apply for the next retreat. This is simply communication, and it works.

As far as cost, let’s say you sign up for all four modules at the Plan B levels. you would pay $2,000 per month ($650 + $700 + $350 + $300).

We have worked hard to keep our prices for the Church as affordable as possible. And when you compare them to the industry standard for social media marketing, you’ll see how reasonable they are. If you research the web, you’ll find that if you hire an agency to create a comprehensive strategy for social media marketing for multiple channels (a channel is a social network) begins around $3,000 per month. You will be hard pressed to find a package like this that offers so much.

Or call me, Kevin J. Banet, at 708-393-4098

Testimonials of happy clients

Two girls have visited us!

Thank you. I have been following many of these girls with phone calls. Two of them have visited us! Thanks!!!

Sr. Jeanette Estrada

Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, about the Come & See Vocation Program, June 3, 2017

Innovative ways

“It is exciting to see the interest in vocations that Kevin is able to generate through social media. We are grateful for all of the innovative ways he promotes vocations at St. Procopius Abbey.

“Thank you again Kevin!”

Jeanine Jelinek

St. Procopius Abbey, about the Come & See Vocation Program, April 20, 2017

Finding vocation candidates

“TreeFrogClick [parent organization of Vocation Promotion] is … helping communities to find vocation candidates with their Come & See Vocation Assessment Program.”

Anne Tschanz

Editor, Vocation Blog, Institute on Religious Life, Jan. 10, 2017

What We Need from You

We do as much recruitment as possible for you. However, the candidates are starting a relationship with you. Thus, after we find them and cultivate their interest, we hand them over to you. Thus, you are expected to email, text and call them to keep up the relationship.

You should expect to spend three to four hours per week to follow up with candidates ● We need you to respond to our emails within 48 hours ● We need your members’ vocation stories. ● We would like you to supply us with an ongoing supply of photos. ● You should schedule at least two vocation retreats per year.

We know that internet communication can be daunting. We will train you via Skype or Google Voice screen sharing how to use the newsletter software, how to access the quiz results, and how to use free texting software. We also encourage you to make simple videos that you can upload to YouTube.