Yes, vocation promotion is possible with social media!

Are you a vocation director faced with finding good religious candidates for your community, or priests for your diocese? Do you yearn for good candidates to religious or consecrated life to come knocking at your door? Religious vocations are out there. You just have to know how to find them. They are on social media, and we help you attract good religious vocations.

Our new ebook here explains how to do it. Here, we spill the secrets on how to attract good religious candidates using Facebook, newsletters, paid advertising and other social media.

In this ebook, we show you how to not only find good candidates, but how to qualify them with a simple vocations quiz. And of course, followup is important, with newsletters, text and phone calls.

The techniques we use in this ebook on vocation promotion are the basics of our Come & See Vocation Promotion Program, in which we attract good religious candidates with the best practices of social media marketing and promotion.

You’ll get the ebook delivered to your inbox within minutes. You’ll also receive periodic updates about one of the most advanced social media vocations programs in the Church.

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