Last week a great thing happened.

One of our communities emailed me. “Kevin,” the vocation director said. “We have only a few young ladies signed up for our upcoming discernment retreat. Is there anything you can do about it?”

“Sure, Sister,” I wrote back with confidence.

It was a Friday afternoon. I put together a short newsletter encouraging the subscribers to sign up for the retreat right away.

By 6:30 pm, the newsletter was sent. What a lousy time to send a newsletter, I thought. Well, may the Holy Spirit help us!

And yet, within 24 hours, we had five registrants. We had sent the newsletter to more than 800 persons on the mailing list. The young ladies had been gathered from our social media advertising campaign, which we have been running for this community for more than two years.

One registrant had been on the list a year ago, and the most recent, only about a month ago. They’ve all been getting our newsletters – about the joy of religious life – about once a week. We’re now looking forward to a successful retreat for these Sisters.

I have to admit that this community is a vibrant, and thriving one with young vocations. It’s humbling to know that we at are a part of that.

Watch the video above! This experience, complete with screen shots, is included in the video. The video goes into more detail than this short explanation.

Our program is called the Come & See Vocation Promotion Program. We can bring retreatants to your community as well.

Just contact me and let’s talk about growing your community with this program.

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