The work of a vocation director is all about personal contact. Thus, a personal introduction video goes a long way.  The intro video is short – only a minute or two – with just you as a talking head. The video does a lot of work for only a small investment of time.

The above video explains three reasons why Catholic vocation directors need to make a personal intro video. They are:

1. Video is so compelling.
2. Videos are easy to make.
3. A video is an invitation to friendship.

A good example of such a video is that of Sr. Patricia Jean, of the Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker.

The video of me that you see embedded here took about an hour to shoot and edit. I used a Canon Rebel digital camera, and then edited it with Microsoft Movie Maker (Note: Movie Maker was officially discontinued in January, 2017 for new computers, and it will be replaced by Windows Story Remix in late 2017). I prefer Movie Maker for its simplicity, rather than my more complex video software.

One method I failed to include in my video above is the ability to record videos with your laptop webcam. I have never used this because the video quality seems to be poor. But I expect the quality to improve as time goes on. See the webcam softwares (most are free to try) at Cnet’s webcam and screen recorders.

After editing, I simply upload to YouTube, Facebook, and my Mailchimp newsletters, as well as this website.

Make your personal intro video today, and make sure your candidates see it.