It’s always good to take cues from the experts.

Who else is better suited to write a book on vocations and the mindset of young people today than the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist?

As you probably know, the sisters in Ann Arbor, MI are the Olympians of the religious world today. In fact, this August, no fewer than 17 postulants will be joining their group.

In the EWTN video below, Sr. Joseph Andrew, OP brings to light the difficulties young people have today in finding their vocation in life. Her insights will help vocation directors understand today’s mindset of young people who may have a consecrated or religious vocation.

Go ahead and view it for some real insights. Here are some takeaways that will help you as a vocation director:

  • We all have spiritual motherhood or spiritual fatherhood as humans.
  • In Vita Consecrata, Pope St. JPII talked about spiritual motherhood.
  • There is a need for authentic fatherhood/motherhood in the Church. All men created with paternal nature. Gift of self in that nature, and give it to children.
  • We aren’t challenging people with the truth. We have too much of a laid back approach.
  • Sister helps the women discern through email. She helps them find their vocation. Whatever their vocation, she wants them to find it. Most people are called to marriage. If they are called to religious life, it’s which spirituality, which community.
  • Most girls grow up wanting marriage. But the religious is a bride of Christ, a wife of Christ. I belong to someone, He loves me. He has claimed my heart. The woman needs that. The spouse is needed for our completion as women, for our holiness.
  • Growing up, Sister Joseph Andrew just wanted truth.
  • People don’t see sisters today. She travels to Catholic schools. They’ve never seen a sister. One mom said, can my daughter just touch your rosary?
  • She is a hard gatekeeper when it comes to the Dominicans’ own vocations.
  • A young woman should learn about religious life. But if she is called to marriage, she will hand that on the knowledge of religious life to her children.

Young people need to discover their vocation

  • Discovering it through prayer, direction from others.
  • The Church doesn’t need you tomorrow, but now. PJPII.
  • Acedia, which is laziness toward greatness. C.S. Lewis and Screwtape Letters: just relax – take the easy route.
  • Growing up with the internet, iphones, and online distractions. We prefer the impersonal rather than personal contact.
  • The need to make a decision, not just drift. Need to take a risk. A well-thought out vocation decision. Independence of thought. Self-awareness, self-knowledge.
  • Sr. Joseph Andrew asked other sisters in her community from vastly different backgrounds to add their vocation stories to the book.

The book is available on the Sisters’ website. Click on And Mary’s Yes Continues.

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