Do you want new vocations?

We all do.

So you get dozens, or hundreds of names from a service such as Vocation Match, or Vocations Placement, and start making phone calls. Or send brochures.


This is time consuming. And you know that most of them won’t really be interested in your community. You need something to winnow the list.

Five-star Mailchimp vocation candidate

Why call all the names on your list? Just call the best. The young man above has a newsletter star rating of 5.

You can narrow the list to your best candidates. This is done by sending your candidates a series of newsletters, and then contacting only those who have opened most of your newsletters. You’ll get an idea of their level of interest after they have been on your list for two or three months.

Your mailing software will provide you with the names of the best subscribers. We use Mailchimp, which rates subscribers with a one to five-star rating. Five stars mean they read most, if not all of your newsletters.

This system of following up on the best subscribers is used by many salespeople in the business world. Why not call warm or hot prospects who recognize your name and take your phone calls?

As you can see, the above candidate subscribed on April 19 for one of our men’s communities. This young man is 21 years old. Our records show that he has been sent six newsletters, and he has opened all of them. His quiz responses show that there are no red flags here. Thus, we have marked him as qualified. We send this community about two dozen names of four and five-star candidates every month from their list.

We thus send each of our Come & See vocation directors a list every month of those who are good on the quiz, and who are four or five-star subscribers.

The above feature is part of our Come & See Vocation Promotion Program.

There’s more to the program, of course. Why not click the link above and learn about it?