Face it, our information age is an information overload. All you need a simple yet proven method for attracting vocations using social media. We have put vocation marketing to the test and have refined it in the fires of success (and a little trial and error). Jesus has taught us that freely we have received, and thus freely we must give (see Matthew 10:8). This is why we want share with you an ebooklet we have put together that explains how to go about attracting vocations using social media.. It is appropriately titled, “How to Attract & Nurture Top Vocation Candidates With Social Media – A New, Proven Three-Step Method.”

How to Attract Catholic Vocations Using Social Media, ebooklet

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This booklet covers the techniques, secrets and systems that we use here for our Come & See Vocation Promotion Program. Our program has been running since 2013, and has since then blossomed from a caterpillar to a butterfly. We have developed a system that uses the best of Catholic advertising and social media technology to recruit good candidates for religious and consecrated life.

This booklet, for the first time under one cover, explains our three-part system to capture, qualify and cultivate vocation candidates.

Our Vocation Promotion program is unique in the Catholic world, and this ebooklet explains the core of our program. Not only that, but the booklet contains helpful illustrations and data charts that take the puzzle out of online marketing.

Begin attracting vocations using social media

When I started this booklet, my wife said, “Don’t give away your secrets.” Well, these secrets are just too good to keep for myself, I answered. If they will help the Church at large, why not?

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