Can you successfully recruit Catholic religious candidates?

What’s the best way to attract good prospects to your religious community?

This is a question that I ponder daily. Sometimes I even wake up early in the morning and jot down an idea that’s come to me during the night.

Yup, this question really drives us… sometimes drives us crazy.

My assistant Thomas Gette and I meet twice a week to plan our promotion work for our religious clients. I’ll admit, it isn’t easy coming up with winning solutions.

But I think we are doing a bang-up job.

We find twenty or more candidates each month for each religious community, and then nurture their interest with informative newsletters about that community’s charism and apostolate.

But I don’t think that’s the only way to find vocations – as you know, there’s going to youth conferences, using free social media techniques, as well as other online quiz programs.

I’ve identified five systems. They all have some merit.

But I’m convinced that an advertising, quiz, and newsletter followup system is the best way to recruit Catholic religious candidates.

Take about ten seconds and think about the responses below. Which statement do you think best describes your system of recruiting good Catholic religious candidates?

A. We rely only on free social media methods such as Facebook posts, a website and/or newsletters.
B. We go to youth conventions, such as FOCUS, Here I Am, the IRL meeting, or others.
C. We use Vision, Religious Ministries, or Vocation Placement.
D. We use TreeFrogClick’s Come & See Vocation Promotion Program
E. We don’t have any real program in place.

In case you didn’t get a chance to read our ebook on vocation promotion, just click here: “How to Attract and Nurture Top Vocation Candidates Using Social Media”. No doubt you’ll pick up some real gems here. And then contact us to recruit good Catholic religious candidates for your community.